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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering?
In the Program of Department of Electrical and Electronics, we provide the fundamentals and technology about the key subject in the industrial and information society such as electric energy production / transportation / ransformation, semiconductor design, wired / wireless communications, electrical / electronics instrument, lighting, system control, automation & intelligent system, etc. As a result, Our students can have the best ability as best engineers.

Educational objectives
We are playing a role with educational goals in training the best engineers who acquire advanced principles & technologies, and have international competitive power & creativity in the fields of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Educational contents
From Electrical / Electronic circuits to Electrical / Electronics Instruments, Power Electronics, Lighting, RFID, Signal Processing and Control, Control System, Analog IC design, Semiconductor Devices and Circuits, icrowaves & Millimeter waves, and so on, our students can have the best ability to apply to a variety of fields through the well rounded curriculum. In a sophomore majoring, you can learn not only basic but also theory and practice, and in a junior majoring, you can enrich the studies both academically and practically which help to acquire information and Knowledge needed in engineering fields after graduat

Career Opportunities
  • Governmental/national officials, researchers or development experts in government funded research center or company institute
  • Company engineers related to Power System, Electrical/Electronics Instrument, Lighting, Sensor, Power Electronics, Signal Processing and Control, Microwaves & Millimeter waves, Control System, Analog IC design, Semiconductor Devices, Circuits and so on.
  • M.A or Ph.D course related to Electrical/Electronics Engineering

  • Electrical/Electronics Work, Engineer Electric Work, Industrial Engineer Electric Work, Electric
    Appliance Industry Work, etc.
  • Engineer Railroad Signal Apparatus, Engineer Electric Railway, Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities
    (Electrical), Industrial Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities (Electrical), etc.